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Consignment is taken TUESDAY-THURSDAY from 10:30-5:30.

Rockin Rooster Western Resale will take up to 15 items at a time.

All consignment clothes must be brought in on hangers, smoke and wrinkle free.

We except men, women and kids western wear, jewelry, boots, cowboy hats and belts.

We have expanded our store and are now taking western décor.

We offer a 60 day consignment period on all merchandise.

 Rockin Rooster Western Resale, LLC prices all clothing based on the shape of clothing and brand. All consignments are 60/40 split, the consignor receives 40% of total sales. After 30 days all merchandise will be marked down 25 %- 50 % depending on the item. 

After the 60 day consignment period has ended, the consignor has 7 days to call so items can be pulled and picked up. 

 After 7 days the merchandise becomes property of Rockin Rooster Western Resale, LLC to sell at a discounted price or donate to charity. 

ALL CONSIGNMENT CHECKS will be ISSUED at the END of the 60 CONSIGNMENT PERIOD unless arrangements have been made with management.

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